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Case Study

Flannels, Rushden Lakes

Our client was looking to achieve a plan that would allow for a refurbishment their existing retail store, giving us a 6-week timeframe to meet their new design specification and fully fit out an 81,000sq ft. retail space.


As the principal contractor, MCUK conducted a thorough survey of all details within the pre-determined scope of the works, which was to include a full renovation of an existing retail store to fit out a high-end clothing store. The time scale of this project was the main challenge we faced as it was a very quick turnaround for such a big renovation.


MCUK advised all aspects from the program of works, structural elements, as well as co-ordinating with the client, and sub-contractors on a regular basis throughout the project.

Once all approvals were in place and the client was confident to proceed, MCUK carried out a pre-start meeting with our sub-contractors & client, collated all health & safety information and placed orders accordingly.

We then held weekly site meetings with the client’s project manager and other relevant parties, keeping everyone updated and ensuring that the project was delivered as expected and on time. From regular site visits early in the project, we were able to identify issues and plan accordingly. Timeframe being one of biggest challenges here, it was crucial that plans were adhered to, and any changes were made clear to all parties.


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