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Comfortable retail environments

You want your customers to feel comfortable enough to spend plenty of time and money in your retail environments. Our skilled operatives can fully realise your brief and understand the fast moving requirements of retail. We have extensive experience in retail shop fitouts and are able to source everything from unique furniture to stock room housing and ensure that it’s all installed to the highest standards.


Great working environments

From small office partitioning projects, to ensuring full office blocks are kitted out with everything required for a full office refit, at MCUK we know the importance of creating great working environments for our clients.


Creative learning environments

It’s essential that students and staff have comfortable and creative learning environments. We are able to cater to the unique needs of educational premises to ensure that classrooms are fitted to work both practically and aesthetically for learning and communication.


Smart, safe and desirable

Smart, safe and desirable, restaurants and bars need high quality fixtures and fittings, installed for high traffic and sometimes punishing schedules. Whatever you want to create for your establishment you can be sure that Mcuk can help you realise your dreams for your hospitality needs.


Enabling smooth operations

While your customers might not see it, your staff need to work efficiently and safely in your warehouse. Ensuring everything from shelving to amenities are installed well and enabling you to run a smooth operation in your warehouses and storage facilities.


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